Imported from New Zealand

SU8 — High Wind Performance Umbrella

Wind Tunnel-Tested Up To 55 mph

The SU8 offers flexible shade potential with an unlimited ability to tilt and rotate. This durable umbrella can withstand a heavy wind barrage. Its simple deployment system makes it a cinch to set up. All in all, it’s a stunning addition to any commercial or residential environment.


Unique Features

  • Made of Non-Corrosive Materials Like Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Durable Aluminum Mast
  • Unlimited Vertical Tilting Potential
  • 360° Rotation
  • High Wind-Resistant Solid-Core Fiberglass Ribs
  • Extended Warranties on Fabric and Frame

SU8 Mast Profile

SU8 Mast Profile


Quick-Release Sliding System

The SU8’s unique sliding clamp system allows for easy and fast operation.


Fiberglass Ribs

Allowing motion and flexibility under high wind stress, these fiberglass ribs lend the SU8 its unmatched durability.

umbrella tilts

Umbrella Tilts

The SU8 can be tilted to any position required. This lets you relax in the shade even as the sun sets.

Setup and Teardown Demo

Wind-Tunnel-Tested to 55mph

Size, Fabric, and Colors

SU8 ColorsThe SU8 comes in a standard 2.5m (8 ft. 2.4 in.) square size. The canopy is manufactured from premium 100% solution dyed Sunbrella Acrylic fabric and comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • Weight: 270 g/m2
  • Colorfastness: 7-8/8
  • Waterproof Rating: 300mm water column
  • Maintenance: Fabrics can be replaced and washed.

The SU8 comes in 7 standard colors. (A larger range of custom colors is also available on request)

Installation Fixings

SU8_-_Mast_ForwardSU8_-_Mast_VerticalBoth rotating base-plate and mast spigot mounts are available. The rotating base-plate is ideal for mounting the SU8 on firm surfaces like wooden decks, concrete pads, patios and courtyards. The mast spigot attached at the top of the rotating base-plate and comes in 2 different options below:

  • Vertical Mast Spigot: Mast is upright
  • Forward-Leaning Mast Spigot: Mast leans forward


SU8_-_Protection_CoverWhen not in use, the SU8 can be stored in the protection cover for relief from the elements and a neat profile. The protection cover comes with the umbrella at no additional cost.


Every Shadowspec umbrella, including the SU8, comes with a strong warranty for your peace of mind. The SU8 holds a fabric warranty of 3 years and a frame warranty of 3 years.*


*conditions apply